Rekreational areal Zbraslavice


Recreational areal  Zbraslavice is located in the middle of the Czech Republic, 20 km on the south from historical city Kutná Hora. We offer you capacity for 345 people which might stay overnight in our areal in various categories of accommodation. It is suitable mainly for group stays.

Areal is situated on the coast of Starý rybník and is surrounded by the woods. It is available for individual, bus servise transport or by a train.

In the areal are available 3 classrooms, spacious cafeteria, 5 new gyms which 2 of them are heated during whole year.

You can find here big playground for football + 2 smaller football grounds. We also offer ground for volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball.

In Zbraslavice (1 km from the areal) it is possible to rent multifunction sports hall. 

Enjoy the right atmosphere
 with adrenaline fun rope center Tarzan park!

Overcome yourself and show that you can do it!

We offer you 3-floors Tarzan park and also 180m of downhill ride.


„Corporate event was great! Thank you so much to Jana on the reception and also to everyone who took care of us.“

Jana Spálená

Google 12.10.2019 5/5

„Super areal. For floorball camp totally ideal because we can train all together. Nice sports halls but mainly woods for running.“

Zdeněk Říha

Google 13.9.2019 5/5

„We enjoyed the time a lot there. All of my students liked the food but the best attraction for all was Tarzan park with downhill.“

Pavlína Havlíková

Google 15.6.2019 5/5

Common questions and answers 

What equipment is in the accommodation?

In the building Sport, Adam, Eva and in the hotel apartments is standart equipment: beds, wardrobe, table and chairs.

What kind of food do you offer?

Team of our cooks prepares food for you in form of menu which appreciate even the athletes.

Why Zbraslavice?

We offer wide range of accommodation, tasty food, amount of sports grounds, 12 adrenaline experience and all of it for good price.

Is the areal nonsmoking?

Yes, all of the indoor spaces are completely nonsmoking. On outdoor spaces is possible to smoke, but cigarette ends should not be thrown on the ground.

Is it possible to rent/kept bike?

Yes, in the areal are available for renting 9 bikes for little fee. It is also possible to keep you bike in the save place for free.

Is there a pond?

Yes, areal abut on a pond about size 8 ha. It is possible to use it for swimming or kayaking. Fishing is prohibited but it is possible to buy permission for fishing in other nearby ponds.

What if it is needed to change number of quests at the last moment due to illness?

Changed number of guests tell us as soon as possible on e-mail address If you order big number of guests, please show us medical report and we will count only real number of guests. You would pay only 2 first menu if you tell us their absence on the last moment.

This only applies to school groups when the number changes to about 10% of the number of participants.

What time can we use our room?

Your accommodation is available from 17:00. If you come earlier and we will have your room prepared already, it is possible to accommodate earlier. If the room isn´t ready before 17:00, we will try to offer you save place for keeping your things. If you need to come after 19:00, please let it know to our reception member or right with ordering the accommodation.

Is it possible to take the dog or other pet with me?

Yes, but you can not be accommodated in building Sport or in any other of hotel apartman. Those rooms fulfill the hygienic criteria and are suitable also for guests with any type of allergy. But it is possible to accommodate in other type of aaccommodation which our areal offers. Stay of any animal is charged - 100,- Kč/night. Dogs should be on a leash.

We recommend you to bring certificate of vaccination also. If your pet is bigger than elephant (including), it is no possibility of accommodation for it.

Is it possible to make a wedding here?

Sure, we have a lot of experience with weddings in number of people about 20-120 . After agreement with the municipal office in Zbraslavice, a ceremony can be held directly in the areal. You can find basic photos in the photo gallery in the section Photos of events or Interiors. We can send you some photos by e-mail also.

Do I have to book an adrenaline experience in advance or can I come without notice?

All adrenaline experiences are supervised by experienced instructors who must be provided for each of the experience. Adrenaline experiences must be ordered in advance. If you order the experience at the same time as your stay, it will be for you even more favorable price. Therefore, use our phone number or e-mail.

I have a diet, are you able to cook for me?

Definitely yes, with standard diets we will prepare food from our ingredients without any extra charge. If we know about it in advance. (eg.: gluten-free diet). For combined diets (eg.: gall bladder diet), we are able to prepare a diet without any charge from the food you bring.

Is there any fireplace?

Yes, we built 4 fireplaces for you and the surrounding forest offers enough wood for your fire. You can borrow forks for firing and ax.

What is the opening hour of the reception?

In the summer months the reception is open every day from 8:00 to 10:00 and from 13:00 to 18:00. In the winter season according to the needs of the guests.

I´m a vegetarian, will you prepare food for me?

Of course, we will prepare a vegetarian diet for you, we just need to know it well in advance. Therefore, when you are booking your stay, please note this fact.

We are going to your areal by train, is it necessary to contact Czech Railways?

It depends on the size of the group. For better comfort, we recommend you to contact Czech Railways. It will deliver another wagon for free, thus eliminating the annoying squeezing during the journey.

Is there internet in the areal?

Yes, there is a system of several wifi for free use in the area. The password for the connection will be revealed to you at the reception. However, wifi is not designed to transfer large amounts of data.

What time do we have to leave our room?

You have to leave your accommodation to 10:00 so that we have enough time to clean the room for next guests. Please, put the keys into the post box next to the main gate of the areal.

Is there restaurant in the areal?

There is no classic restaurant in the areal, but you can have a refreshment in one of our two buffets on the terrace or in the bar, which is located in the building Sport. In the summer months buffet on the upper terrace is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. The lower terrace is open daily from 16:00 to 24:00. The bar in the building Sport is open according to the needs of individual events, with agreement in advance. The opening hour can be adjusted to your event in advance by agreement. The offer of both buffets is really wide, in the refreshments you will find draft beer Staropramen 10 and Zbraslavický Starák. Furthermore, bottled lemonade, a wide range of soft and alcoholic beverages, Prima ice cream, cookies, candies and many other things. The bar in the building Sport also offers draft beer - Staropramen, a wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks.

How is it with sports grounds in the areal? 

All of these sports grounds are free to use for all guests. If there are many groups of people, there might be need of agreement among themselves about the time. If the agreement doesn´t work (there wasn´t any case of this yet), the administrator of the areal will make a schedule. If your group wants to have, for example a sports ground or one of our gyms available all day, it is necessary to book these spaces in advance. There is a charge for this reservation. The beach volleyball court is also free to use from this season, but it is fenced and locked. The key is available at the reception for a refundable deposit - 200,- Kč. At the reception you can also borrow a large number of sports equipment, which are in hobby quality.

"When will we already be there, mum?"

"You must endure. Soon...." :-)